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St.Mary's Church

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As I write this I’m away from North Leigh, at Silchester in Hampshire where we are working on an archaeological excavation. The `dig’ site is one corner of the Iron Age/Roman Town where at least three temples are located near to the present church. Two temples were found by the Victorians and we are working to locate another that was revealed on a geo-physical survey. Being away or at least being able to have a break from our regular routines is very helpful in allowing us the opportunity to be refreshed. Jesus, himself often took time away from his ministry for rest and to pray (Luke 5:16) and encouraged us to allow time for reflection or just to recharge our batteries. We are very lucky in the richer areas of the world where we can have time away from various tasks or work. Others, in war-torn or poorer areas or refugees travelling across the world to find a safer place to live, don’t have that luxury.

Again, we have been hit by a series of terrorist atrocities in Spain and Finland and areas of Bangladesh, Nepal and India have been devastated by floods which have wiped out whole villages and torn families apart. We are extremely lucky to live in a comparatively safe part of the world, where many of us manage to cope or live quite comfortably. It is important that we remember those who are struggling; whether that is here in Witney or on the other side of the world. There will be more news next month of our plans for Harvest that will help and support local people.

On 20th August, we sadly saw the final service held in the Methodist Chapel. The service was well attended with about 90 or more people with congregations from St Mary’s, Hanborough, Freeland and High Street Methodists and local residents. The Rev Paul Weir, returned and likened the situation to a garden where the horticulturalist revives a plant by careful attention that enables a plant to be transplanted elsewhere to carry on God’s work. We need to remember the words of Dag Hammarskjold who said, “For that has been, thanks. For all that will be, Yes”. As we take a step forward in faith and continue God’s work here in North Leigh. 

God Bless,


p.s. Don’t forget the Auction of Promises on Saturday 7th October in the Memorial Hall


Coming services/events

If you require more information about any of our services or events please contact Margaret.

The bells will ring for up to an hour before regular 10.00am and 6.00pm services and on Fridays 7.30pm - 9.00pm.

Sunday 3rd September
8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)
10.00am St Mary’s Cafe Church in the Turner Hall
6.00pm Holy Communion (CW)

Sunday 10th September
10.00am Holy Communion (CW)
6.00pm Evening Prayer (BCP)

Sunday 17th September
10.00am Family Communion
6.00pm Reflective Service 

Wednesday 20th September
12 – 4.00pm Seniors’ Lunch and Tea Club in the Turner Hall

Sunday 24th September
10.00am Holy Communion (CW)
6.00pm Evening Prayer (CW)

Saturday 30th September
10.00 - 12.30pm KIDZONE at The Youth Centre

Sunday 1st October
8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)
10.00am Café Church
6.00pm Holy Communion (CW)

Saturday 7th October in the Memorial Hall - AUCTION OF PROMISES in aid of St Mary's Church

Promises donated so far include a tour of the House of Lords followed by tea, rides in a Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Rolls Royce supercars, planning and development, wine tasting evenings, computer/ photography lessons, gardening, catering and many more. There will also be some items for auction.

Come along and join in this enjoyable and fun evening and bid for some very exciting promises knowing you will be helping to preserve our Grade 1 listed Church for future generations.

Tickets £5 each which includes a delicious light supper available from North Leigh Post Office or ring Sue Tel: 07929 120953 or Steve Tel: 01993 881612. Viewing and catalogues at 7.00pm Auction at 7.30pm. A bar will be available.  


Updated : September 2017

Windmill Gospel Hall

I hope everyone has had a good summer? I had the privilege of going on holiday this summer to the south of France and flew from Gatwick to Nice and back. Both flights were night time flights in that they were both in the dark and it was interesting to see all the lights below.

As we flew over France you could see the lights of large cities, and smaller areas of towns and small patches of lights of even smaller villages but as I looked down you were able to see the lights from housing and street lights and when closer the lights of cars on the roads and it can be often quite a novel experience.

What struck me as I looked down was this. Every place where there were lights were places that people lived and I thought you know God loves each one that lives down there!! It doesn’t matter whether it is the thousands in the bright lights of the cities of this world or the people of the smaller towns or the rural small communities dotted around - God loves each one of the them!

The calendar in my office at home for August quotes John 3:16 that reminds us that God loves all of us..’God so loved the world’ so much so that He sent His only Son Jesus…’that He gave His only begotten Son’ and His Son died for everyone in every place in the world…’that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish’ and if we believe in His death for us we are promised a home in Heaven… ‘But have everlasting life.’

As I looked down I thought how wonderful that God loves each and every one down there below and how wonderful that He was willing that His Son die for us on a cross that we might have eternal life. It is simple to believe and to take Him as Saviour. Let the God that loves you give you eternal life today!

Why not come and join with us for our family Service every Sunday at 4pm where you would be made most welcome. If you would like to come but need transport, please let us know by calling our free phone number 0800 026 3000  


Weekly Services for September

Every Sunday 11.30am Sunday School (Term Time Only  - Back 10th Sept)
Sunday 3rd 4.00pm Family Service
Sunday 10th 4.00pm Family Service
Sunday 17th 4.00pm Friends and Family Tea
Sunday 24th 4.00pm Family Service

Updated : September 2017